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I lost my items!

Contact a game admin, or me ingame.

When will the server be up?

Currently, the system to start the server is odd, but simple. I do not have enough time to host it fully with map rotation due to the restrictions v20 provides me.
In order to play L2D, you will need to ping me in the discord, #l2d-general and tell me what map you would like to host. I will then ping you when the server is up.
If you would like a map change, you can ping a game admin to join the game and switch the map for you. Keep in mind these people are human, so don't ping them every 3 rounds. Preferrably keep it to a minimum. That's all.
WARNING! Currently my ability to host dedicated servers are messed up, so this system does not apply for now! I will have to fix it soon.

Who are the current developers?

Currently, the people working on the game are Alice (heartshapedbo_x / Stress-Repellent Machine) and Forest.
Game-admins are Heckington, Jerry McLarry, Copper the Cop (Pol on the Discord) and Cie.
Other credits can be found in the Games section.

Can something I made get into the game?

Yes. Community made maps are accepted. You can send them in the discord.