Age of Time


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This is the website for an action/rpg game originally made by Eric Hartman, now being
fan-remastered by Dennis "Antares" Lamers and Alice "Stress-Repellent Machine".

The game is an attempt to blend the combat of first person shooters with the character building and leveling aspects of rpg games.

The game is designed to be played online with up to 30 other players at once.
Character information is stored on the server you connect to and is not transferred between servers. The idea is to build up a community around a particular server.

We are remastering this game out of love for the original. The game is currently free.
If you want to look at the official (but dead) game, you can click here.
If you have any questions, or just want to be involved with the community,
we have a discord set up over here.


2020-09-24 - Activity Notice

Just telling you all that this project isnt dead and its still a thing, its just almost never updated.
Currently, our focus is on our other project, Blockland Classic Mod.

2020-03-01 - UNTITLED

If you somehow found your way here without knowing about my new game Untitled, you should check that out here.

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